Photo credit: San Sage Photography

ARSENA (formerly known as Arsena Schroeder) is an independent recording artist with R&B and pop influences. Based out of Charlotte, NC, this multi-talented singer-songwriter is known for her star-quality and heartfelt tunes — think India Arie meets Alicia Keys with introspective lyrical content and music that infuses her multi-instrumentalist capabilities on guitar and piano.

Having released a number of EPs and albums, ARSENA has accomplished much touring as an independent artist. This list includes but is not limited to headlining international shows, an endorsement with Breedlove Guitars, and winning over hearts with a standing ovation from Michael Jordan at The Time Warner Cable (now known as Spectrum) Arena. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, ARSENA has impressed her way into the hearts of national and now international scenes.

The Next Gig Europe says, “ARSENA is one of those artists who progresses step by step. For several years now she has regularly released excellent records and singles. What is constant is the beautiful voice of this soul / pop singer and the uncompromising songs.” Her third full-length album, “Metamorphosis: The Evolution of Arsena”, produced by Stellar-Award winning singer-songwriter and musician, Curt Keyz, is scheduled to release in the Spring of 2023 with an album release concert at Middle C Jazz. ARSENA says the 12-song project is a celebration of womanhood, honesty, and finding a more authentic version of herself. It’s evident in songs like the break up anthem, “With or Without You”, the swooning lullaby, “I Don’t Know My Name”,  & the upcoming single “Do You”. ARSENA says her music is no longer an attempt to attract industry or executive attention. She’s taken her newfound confidence to Berklee College of Music where she is pursuing her Masters of Arts in Music Business studying ways to innovate the industry. She’s found her own lane and she invites her grassroots audience to meet her there.