Friday Jones

friday jones

Owner, i Love a Good Vibe

friday jones is an American a.rtist c.reative e.ntrepreneur (ace) raised in the Carolinas. With a primary discipline in music, she makes inspirational Black Americana music that is whimsical and soulful with an emphasis on worldplay, storytelling, and epic production as part of her signature style. She paints masterful worlds of experience with her theatrical performance art, blurring disciplines and shattering preconceived ideas of art.

friday has managed to both successfully produce music and leverage her years of professional corporate, creative, and artistic experience to help other aces develop a magnetic brand experience. In 2021, friday founded friday’s dope llc, a visionary entertainment and media conglomerate headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina that is leading the way in creating impactful artistic experiences that inspire healing, growth, and manifestation for artists and art lovers alike.