Lord Jah Monte Ogbon

Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon’s meteoric rise as an artist has been the product of hard work, and his extensive and eclectic discography proves it. Going from a local Charlotte artist to a country-touring tour-de-force, the now Brooklyn-based rapper is set to conquer the world with his razor-sharp rhymes and immaculate ear for production.

With three self-funded tours and seven full length projects plus numerous collaborations under his belt since the beginning of 2020 alone, LordJah-MonteOgbon has garnered praise from many of the music industry’s most prestigious outlets (Okayplayer, Pitchfork) from the unprecedented amount of work put into his music, visuals and live performances.

Above all else, Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon is an unapologetically superb MC with a wit that so often eludes his contemporaries. Only time will tell how much he can achieve in his career, but the signs are already there that this is merely the beginning.