Roger Brown, founder and chair of the Salt Lick Incubator

Roger H. Brown, Jr.

Founder and chair of the Salt Lick Incubator

Roger Brown is the chair and founder of the Salt Lick Incubator — the next phase in a career that has had many chapters.  During his 20s, Roger spent several years living and working abroad; first as a teacher in rural Western Kenya, then in refugee programs in Thailand/Cambodia and Sudan.

He next founded Bright Horizons Family Solutions with his wife Linda Mason, becoming the leading provider of workplace child care in the US and beyond.  The organization currently employs over 30,000 people in five countries and has been recognized as a great place to work and a leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In 2004, Roger assumed the Presidency of Berklee College of Music where he served for 17 years.  Under his leadership, Berklee opened campuses in Valencia, Spain, Abu Dhabi and New York City, created the world’s largest online music school, merged with Boston Conservatory, and built  the award-winning 160 Massachusetts Avenue building and its multiple recording studios.  Student scholarship and financial aid assistance grew over 800% during his tenure.

Brown is an avocational drummer and songwriter.  The Salt Lick Incubator emerged from his observation during his Berklee tenure that while most very successful musicians are talented, most talented musicians are not as successful as they might be.  The incubator is an effort to help launch the careers of talented musicians and improve their likelihood of building a sustainable career.