Royal City LiF

RoyalCity LiF

Hip Hop Artist-Producer LiF (pronounced Leaf) is a true master of his craft, effortlessly moving between being an emcee/songwriter and a producer with a level of skill that has left many captivated. With an undeniable passion for his art, he has created a unique sound that merges the best of the new and old essences of hip-hop intertwined with a variety of other influences. His music is dynamic, compelling, and takes listeners on a journey that leaves them craving for more.

Raised between the Bronx, NY and Charlotte, NC, RoyalCity LiF is a true product of his environment. He has been heavily influenced by the cultures, aesthetics, and fashion of both regions, which are evident in his music. His sound pays homage to the golden era of east coast hip hop while balancing soundscapes found in southern hip hop while adding a modern twist that is uniquely his own.

LiF’s ability to craft a signature sound while still paying homage to his influences is truly impressive. He is a prolific artist who consistently puts out new music projects that showcase his range and versatility. In 2020 he was named as one of the Top 20 indie producers to watch on the East Coast and recognized as one of Carolina’s most unique rappers and producers. His success is a testament to his dedication, hard work, undeniable talent and hunger for inspiration.

LiF’s music covers a range of topics and is always paired with production that elevates the overall message. He is a reflective and vulnerable artist who is not afraid to show his growth and ambition for longevity. He draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, including Outkast, Moby, Mos Def, Mobb Deep, Kanye West, The Rza and many others. His style is a reflection of his eclectic personality and wide range of influences.

His music is something different, something special. He is an artist who is constantly pushing the boundaries of his craft while creating new worlds and vibes that inspire creativity and leave a lasting impact. As he continues to evolve and grow as an artist and producer, the world eagerly awaits to see what he has in store next.