Sara Colée

Constellation Music, FairPlay Music Equity Initiative

Sara Colée is a growing force in the world of branding and experiential art direction, recognized for her dynamic approach to live events and commitment to inclusivity. With a global perspective honed through years of living in iconic cities like London, Sydney, Montreal, San Francisco, and more, she brings a unique blend of cultural influences to her work.

As the Co-creator of CLT Loft Sessions, Sara has played a shared role in continuing to shape the cultural landscape of Charlotte, NC. Her brainchild, Constellation Music, stands as a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit, while the FairPlay Music Equity Initiative, of which she is a co-founder and board member, showcases her dedication to fostering a more equitable music industry.

Having returned to her roots in Charlotte six years ago, Sara has been on a mission to build more diverse and inclusive platforms across the Carolinas. Her commitment to uplifting underrepresented voices is woven into the fabric of her career. Specializing in live events, brand creation, and brand management, Sara consistently pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the creative realm.